evolve Awards:

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Ages: 7-11
Years: 3-6

The Chief Rabbi Kindness Challenge

The world is built with acts of kindness. Can you meet the challenge and help your family, school and community? To complete the challenge you need to record 15 acts of kindness, with at least three from the family, school and community sections.

Ages: 11-14
Years: 7-9

Yoni Jesner Award

For young people aged 11-14 who want to make a difference in their community, there are three awards: Yoni20, Yoni50 and Yoni100. Delivered through schools, youth groups and synagogues, there's help to find an opportunity or placement and you're supported to complete 20, 50 or 100 hours of volunteering over one or two academic years.

Ages: 14-25
Years: 9-13

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

JLGB provides Kosher and Sabbath-friendly Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) provision. The Award encourages young people to volunteer regularly, showing the importance of continuous action. Participants must complete at least 1 hour of volunteering every week to achieve the 3 Award levels: Bronze (3 months), Silver (6 months) and Gold (12 months).

Ages: 14-18
Years: 9-13

OCN Qualifications

Through OCN, JLGB accredits young people in a wide variety of high quality courses, encouraging them to become active leaders. The courses range from teamwork and leadership to organisation skills and awareness of inclusion and disability, to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how to mentor.

Ages: 16-17
Years: 11-12

National Citizen Service (NCS)

NCS is a two-week programme that takes place in the summer. After an adventure and skills week, young people plan and implement a 30 hour social action project. Meeting the needs of both Kosher and Halal requirements, JLGB runs a faith sensitive version of NCS, which is open to young people of all faiths and none.

Ages: 16-17
Years: 11-12


JLGB runs a faith-friendly version of this UCAS recognised national volunteering award, for young people aged 16-18. With awards for 10, 50 or 100 hours of volunteering, with a flexible and prestigious award that looks great on your CV. You can volunteer with as many charities or community groups as you like and if you're already running a JLGB group, you can add hours for that too!

Ages: 16-17
Years: 12


Through this mentoring programme for Year 12 students, you will be matched with professionals in your chosen work field - a great way to get a head start for the future and JUMP-start on your career through this innovative scheme!